brew update

brew install nvm

~ % nvm –version

zsh: command not found: nvm


brew info nvm

~ % brew info nvm

brew info nvmnvm: stable 0.37.2, HEAD

Manage multiple Node.js versions


/usr/local/Cellar/nvm/0.37.2 (7 files, 171.2KB) *

Built from source on 2021-03-06 at 00:22:41

From: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/blob/HEAD/Formula/nvm.rb

License: MIT



Install HEAD version


Please note that upstream has asked us to make explicit managing

nvm via Homebrew is unsupported by them and you should check any

problems against the standard nvm install method prior to reporting.

You should create NVM’s working directory if it doesn’t exist:

mkdir ~/.nvm

Add the following to ~/.zshrc or your desired shell

configuration file:

export NVM_DIR=”$HOME/.nvm”

[ -s “/usr/local/opt/nvm/nvm.sh” ] && . “/usr/local/opt/nvm/nvm.sh”# This loads nvm

[ -s “/usr/local/opt/nvm/etc/bash_completion.d/nvm” ] && . “/usr/local/opt/nvm/etc/bash_completion.d/nvm”# This loads nvm bash_completion

You can set $NVM_DIR to any location, but leaving it unchanged from

/usr/local/opt/nvm will destroy any nvm-installed Node installations

upon upgrade/reinstall.

Type `nvm help` for further information.


install: 46,413 (30 days), 132,410 (90 days), 473,238 (365 days)

install-on-request: 46,392 (30 days), 132,303 (90 days), 469,913 (365 days)

build-error: 0 (30 days)

You should create NVM’s working directory if it doesn’t exist:


mkdir ~/.nvm




nvm install 14.16.0

Version ‘14.16.0’ not found – try `nvm ls-remote` to browse available versions.

nvm ls-remoteしてねいうから、してみる

nvm ls-remote



export NVM_NODEJS_ORG_MIRROR=http://nodejs.org/dist

git clone git://github.com/creationix/nvm.git ~/.nvm

nvm install v14.16.0

yagidaisuke@yagidaiukenoAir .nvm % nvm ls              


->     v14.16.0

default -> v0.10 (-> v0.10.48)

iojs -> N/A (default)

unstable -> N/A (default)

node -> stable (-> v14.16.0) (default)

stable -> 14.16 (-> v14.16.0) (default)

lts/* -> lts/fermium (-> v14.16.0)

lts/argon -> v4.9.1 (-> N/A)

lts/boron -> v6.17.1 (-> N/A)

lts/carbon -> v8.17.0 (-> N/A)

lts/dubnium -> v10.24.0 (-> N/A)

lts/erbium -> v12.21.0 (-> N/A)

lts/fermium -> v14.16.0


vue create アプリ名

cd アプリ名

npm i

npm run serve